Since the completion of the first Warka Tower's pilot in Ethiopia, in 2015, we have gained precious experiences and competencies. Currently, we are are undertaking the first steps to bring Warka Water support to selected isolated communities in Haiti and Togo.


Warka Water is operating in the Republic of Cameroon since 2018, in the South Region, actively involved in protecting and restoring the Rainforest, and its ecosystem, against the increasing and massive deforestation and to bring support to the indigenous peoples, the Pygmies ethnic group, that are facing discrimination and rejection due to their cultural and social difference.


Warka Water has been working in South Ethiopia, in the Dorze community in the Gamo Gofa Zone. In 2015 the first Warka Tower pilot, version 3.2, has been set-up. Planned for a 3 months trial this prototype has been tested for over 3 years. We are ready to bring back our support to this community and to give continuity to the work initiated.


Warka Water is working in Cormiers, in the Léogâne arrondissement, about 29 km west of Port-au-Prince. As the epicenter of a 7.0 magnitude earthquake in 2010, the area was catastrophically affected. The objective is to realize a Warka Tower to serve with safe water about 150 village inhabitants. The project was started in 2016.


Warka Water is working since 2017 in the Kpékpéta village, in the canton of Dawlotu Tutu, in the prefecture of Kpélé-Akata, in Togo’s plateau region. Here the objective is to realize the Warka Sanitation, to give to the inhabitant's access to hygienic toilets. It is a dry / compost toilet system made by the community with indigenous materials and techniques.