Exclusive wearable products realize by local artisans of isolated villages that blend ancient traditions with cutting-edge technologies to enable the economic, social, and ethical development of these communities.



The project was born in 2016, in Haiti, where Arturo Vittori -the founder- was invited to direct a workshop with local artisans in a project supported by the European Union and other local partners within the frameworks of the European Program for Culture.



Culture a Porter is a long term project collaboration between Warka Water and the local community, promoting their culture by creating unedited handicrafts made in the Warka Village for an international market. "We bring forgotten and unknown cultural identity to the world”, said Arturo Vittori.



The idea was born much earlier, during a trip to Ethiopia in 2012. This experience, later extended visiting various rural communities in Africa, Asia and South America, has grown inside Arturo the desire of changing the perception of these countries, rich in culture and able of creating objects of sophisticated elegance. "Thanks to Warka Tower I discovered, visiting isolated villages, incredible cultures that still preserve a relationship with the natural environment, this showed me that there is a positive example for a sustainable future for our society", said Arturo Vittori.



Unique pieces born from the fusion of Italian Design, ancient traditions from isolated communities, and new possibilities offered by the cutting edge technologies. "Innovate while respecting the environment and the local heritage of endangered ancient knowledge”, said Arturo Vittori.



Culture à Porter is collaborating with communities in Ethiopia, Haiti, Colombia, India, Sumba, Madagascar and Nepal, and bring them culture in the world's major cultural capitals as Tokyo, New York, and London, among others.
“We act locally in a global context” said Arturo Vittori.



Culture à Porter aims to empower the isolated communities all around the world, promoting their handicrafts by creating inedited products made locally for an international market. "We bring your cultural identity to the world”, said Arturo Vittori.



Temporary ateliers under the Warka Tree, where grandparent’s know-how and wisdom transfer to the younger members of the community. Each artisan contributes, according to their possibilities, abilities, and means, to the fulfilment of these works.



Culture à Porter is promoting sustainable economic development and opportunities in communities where they have skills for producing quality products. The company also supports social initiatives and part of the profit is equally shared with the artisans and the non-profit Warka Water Inc.



To create luxury handwork produced ethically by rural communities, generating work and empowering the local economy. Reinventing products that are based on ancient techniques mixed with cutting-edge technologies.

"Traditions must be innovated in order to be kept alive and transmitted to future generations”