Can inexperienced visitors interact with the Warka Tower directly?

Visitors are welcome to engage with the Warka Tower from the outside. However, the access to the core of the Warka, where the water tank is located, is limited and protected by the triangulated bamboo structure. The access will be limited to the water manager and the people involved in maintenance.

How much space does it need?

A vacant area of approximately 100 sqm is required for the construction of one Warka. An area of about 400 sqm is required for its installation as footprint.

How is it constructed?

Warka is designed to be easily built by local villagers. It will be distributed as a kit of elements prefabricated in a local factory. The kit will be assembled in 1 day by a team of 4 people without scaffolding and electrical tools. The final assembly takes less than an hour.