Does anything break?

All the elements, natural fibers and plastic mesh, may in part need some maintenance and replacements, such as the substitution of cracked bamboo components.

How does it hold up to rain, wind, hail, heat, cold, dust, electrical and storms?

Warka is designed to withstand different weather conditions and collect rainwater during the rainy season. In case of severe weather events such as a sand storm or electrical storm, the mesh can be flattened down. In case of a hurricane event, the tower can be lowered down to the ground by 4 people in 30 minutes and stored in a safe place.

What is the lifecycle of a Warka Tower? Does it require maintenance?

Warka Warka installed in Ethiopia is estimated to last from 6 to 10 years. The maintenance of the structure is very important to guaranty a long duration. It is important to check-up regularly the correct functioning and apply the maintenance needed to keep Warka operative such as replacement of filters, mesh reparation, ropes regular tightening and bamboo element substitution when damaged. After the first pilot test will be tested we will have a better understanding of its durability.