What is the difference between fog quest harvesters and Warka Water?

In addition to its water collection abilities, the Warka is designed to be used as a space for public gathering. We are focused on creating a beautiful structure that can blend into the natural and cultural environments of the rural communities, not simply putting steel masts and a net to collect water. The Warka is made up of environmentally sustainable and biodegradable materials that can be sourced locally, which can also give way to a new economy.

Why not simply dig more wells?

There are several reasons: You do not always find water. And even if you do, sometimes it is not potable. Often, you need to drill deep in the ground, approximately 500m to find water. Bringing water to the top requires treadle pumps and electrical equipment, which are both expensive and difficult to maintain. Various international organizations have invested funds to build wells in these communities. However, maintaining them has been a challenge, as local governments cannot always keep them in function or successfully repair damages.